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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Virtual Visit from an Old Friend

I had the nicest surprise yesterday. An old friend from my online art days, Lloydene Cook, found my article in Somerset Digital and contacted me via Facebook. It was so great to hear from this lovely lady who was the creator and moderater of my favorite virtual Salon, BELLE PAPIER. I did many mixed media swaps with the members of that group, and have that artwork, which I received in trade, to this day.  I also fondly remember the "zines" that Lloydene and her friend would hand assemble, with photocopied pages of our artwork, and very special "inclusions" ranging from snippets of pretty ribbons and fibers to stickers and sprinkles and tiny charms.

I went looking in my my old files and found a couple of pieces of artwork that I did during that time 10 years ago.  The Via was a cover for our  Belle Papier Address book and the collage was sold in 2000.  The Travel card was made as a thank you to the Bigelow Foundation, who awarded me an all-expense paid month in Paris. Those were some good, creative days!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Just back from Paris

My darling and I took a short trip to Paris this past week, and despite a harrowing trip down to JFK in a sleet storm, a three hour wait at the airport for a plane, and a 3 hour "rest" on the tarmac before takeoff, we actually arrived in our hotel room 23 hours after we left the farm. It was a grand time, though, and the weather was perfect, despite the reports back home that we were in a tornado. It did rain, but only at night, or when we were in a museum or restaurant. I never even got to use my gorgeous new umbrella from Kate Abbot! We were half hoping to find the perfect apartment for sale, but to be honest our pocketbook is not big enough to buy us that pied a terre that we see in our heads. I don't have my pix edited yet, but I thought I'd put up some shots from 2007, and the apartment on Montparnasse Blvd.where Angie and I stayed [Thanks to the kindness of strangers] for 2 weeks. This is the apartment in my head!

Another Look at our Paris apartment

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There's my friend Angie on the couch!
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