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Friday, July 18, 2014

Europe: Simply Irresistible!

Venetian Lagoon

As you know, we're moving to France very soon,  Lord willing, and although summer here on the farm is idyllic, I'm sort of chomping at the bit. I keep thinking of all those places in France that I could be visiting.  And all of those places in Europe that will suddenly be practically next door! So thank you, Anita,for inviting us on another wonderful European holiday! Hop on over to her lovely blog and join us on a tour of Irresistible Europe!

France is my favorite European country, but Italy is right up there, too.  It was the first place I ever visited in Europe, and it simply blew me away. I was an art teacher at the time, and my colleague and I took a group of students on a tour called Belle Italia.

We arrived in Venice right in the middle of Carnevale!  It has been my favorite Italian city ever since.

the approach to Venice in a water taxi

my friend Betsy  and I immediately got our faces painted.  Hey, it was the '90s!

I cannot describe the thrill of my first gondola ride!

Years later I returned to Venice with my husband, and I must say, the gondola ride is still just as thrilling!  And more romantic!

I can't wait to return to this magical city once we are living in France.  I checked the cost of fights from Orly and we can fly round trip for around 70 euros!

Europe, here we come!

santa maria della salute

Off to visit the rest of Europe on Anita's blog party.   Bon Voyage!

p.s. You can follow me on Bloglovin' or by email.  And I promise to talk more about France from now on!


  1. DAWNE! Here I am, finally! Well, Italy seems to be in the lead as far as places to dream about! And your signature photos are a dream away from me trying to convince my husband to take me there after our stay in France next year! It is a real thrill to see you here for the party, and each artistically designed photo of yours brings back so many special memories for me when you were blogging. Thank you for joining us, and Italy the Beautiful needs it's own blog party!!! Anita

  2. Dawn!!!! These images are gorgeous!

    You are moving to France! And in a magazine! And a book!

    You are on an adventure of a lifetime! May God richly bless you
    dear sweet sister in Christ!

    ~ Violet

  3. Beautiful photos and dreams to come. I also wrote about Italy. How fabulous to have been there already. Life is always an adventure. Thanks for sharing. Coming over from Anita's CCC.

  4. Will you tell us how and why you are moving?What a thrill..........Venice, I was there last October.It does not disappoint!I have signed up for your blog!I hope you will pop over to mine and leave a comment!Anita sent me......number 26 on HER LIST!

  5. Dawne,
    Hello, friend. I have missed your posts. I came over recently only to find that you closed your comments, so couldn't say hi. Your pictures of Venice are beautiful, and when Jess visited there, she went on the Gondola rides too and said it was quite an experience. Looking at your picture, I didn't realize they were made so comfy for tourists. I love the picture of you and your friend's face painted. The black and white picture with the red costume I think is my favorite. That's so cool. I also browsed through your home pictures below and thought they were wonderful. How fun that you will be living in France soon. I think Nel would live there right now if she could, but her job doesn't allow her to. It's nice to see you again, Dawne, and I loved your European post, every bit of it.


    by the way, you still take the coolest pictures ever.

  6. Oh Dawn, how exciting! Moving to France... How wonderful... Thank you so much for sharing these breathtaking photos Venice.. I really enjoyed the tour.

  7. Lovely Dawne, ma chère amie....

    Thank you for coming to visit my post this morning! We are all so glad that you have joined us, and also to learn about your moving experience so close in the near future! You are a story about how dreams can come true!

    I am always so blessed to see how many dear people sign up for this link party and actually visit each other, but so many friends have a lot to offer in diverse and surprising ways! Violet took us to the Cotswolds in her own backyard and Penny took us to Tuscany through the dreams of a little cool is that!

    Enjoy your virtual tour and we shall think of you as you pack to make your home in La Belle France! BISOUS BISOUS, Anita

  8. Bonjour Dawne,

    Thank you so much for your lovely message on my blog, and for what you say about my work for Victoria. Your post is gorgeous and brings back to me many sweet memories of trips to Venice. I am really touched by the love of American people for Europe and France. But you have to know that we (french) also are in love with United States. I am dreming of travalling through New England, Los Angeles and the deep South!!
    Enjoy your trip to Le Perche. I recently shoot an article for another American magazine, "Cottage magazine" on a guest house called "L'hotel de Suhard", a lovely place. If you pass by, say hallo to Josiane for me.

    A bientôt!!


  9. Dawne, how exciting that you are moving to France! Isn't it funny how our first trip to a city can make it our favorite place--that's how I've felt about Florence and Rome. So wonderful to find you via Anita; I'm also part of her lovely link party and hope you will stop by. I also hope that your move goes smoothly!
    xo Mary Jo

  10. Love your post !!! France too...happy weekend i am join in on from me Ria...x !

  11. I also LOVE Venice and really enjoyed all of your beautiful photos! Thanks for taking me on a virtual escape today! xoxo

  12. Hi Dawne,

    Lovely to catch up with you again and to see your beautiful photos of Venice. Sailing on the gondola down the river must have been dreamy and seeing all the beauty.
    Happy Sunday

  13. Canal I meant to say - writing it quickly - sorry


  14. Dawne!! You are making your dreams come true! How very exciting to actually be moving to France!! Glorious images, thank you!

    The Arts by Karena
    Simply Irresistible:Europe

  15. Simply lovely. Venice is on my bucket list of places to go. So unique. Love your photos.

  16. Dreams do come true! How wonderful to be able to live in France...aah, one day soon, I hope! Beautiful post!!

  17. Beautiful impression of Venice I wish I could go there sometime...
    groetjes van Marijke

  18. I so enjoyed your story and your views of Venice, Dawne!

    I am grateful to have found you and your beautiful blog via Anita.
    I am here with fresh coffee. Your destination is my first stop on this Monday morning!

    I must say that I found my way back to your Venice after wandering off and becoming captured by the magic and inspiration that prevails here, on your blog. I

    I shall be here to follow you on future journeys.
    I wish you blessings of safe travel as you relocate to your new home in your beloved France!

  19. I just had to start my morning with a gentle gondola ride down the water alleys of Venice with you dearest Dawne. Thank you so much for adding your touch of fairytale come TRUE to our party! XOXOXO Anita

    (isn't Marie-Paule just a charm of a Française)

  20. Good morning Dawn..... Thank you so much for your visit.. I am so happy Bebe gave you a smile..
    I could gaze at these beautiful images for hours.. Perfect post!

  21. Dawne ! What wonderful photos!
    Venice is so beautiful! I've loved your photos as artistic and colorful

    Have a nice day!

  22. Dawne, your adventures have only just begun! It is truly lovely to experience a wonderful European destination with a friend, while single, and to return to the same place with your husband! So very romantic! Wishing you the very best! I am so excited for you!! ♡Dawn

  23. Dearest Dawne! I have missed visiting you and your beautiful blog...but here I thought you were not blogging anymore...and I'm so happy that you're back!!
    Your splendid photos take me to a place I dream of...Venice is truly another blessed you are to have experienced it!

    And I have caught up on several of your posts...I am SO sorry about your darling Mom....and also sweet Boo...
    Really there are no words, just hugs.

    And you are moving to France? Oh my goodness....
    Now that is the way to start fresh...a new and exciting absolutely wonderful!
    Loved your gorgeous photo shoot with Fifi...congrats... :)
    Blessings to you...many joys in your new adventure!
    - Irina

  24. Beautiful Dawne. Boy, I had some weird looks back in the 80s too :-)
    Great to connect over on Facebook.
    Enjoy your summer. When's the move?

  25. I haven't got to Venice yet but it is on my list,beautiful,xx Rachel and Speedy

  26. Ma chère amie qui va démenager en FRANCE! Tu me manqueras terriblement! It was so great of YOU dearest Dawne, to join us for this lovely party of talents, dreams and wits. It means a lot to me that you opened up Q2 for this event, and if you ever open up your doors here again, I am coming, first thing! Many happy hugs to you, and yes, Penny won! WOO HOOO!

    Enjoy the rest of your summer as you make the big move. We are thinking of you! Anita

  27. Chère amie! I hope you see this comment, for I am so happy to see your comment on my newest post. I thought you'd share my joy over me finally trusting in my photos enough to share them. I am delighted to be navigating around Photoshop as well, but for the basics, for I've had to have email correspondence instruction from a friend to literally just OPEN a photo, use the curves, hue and saturation and some other basics. The rest is a MYSTERY! But a "no flash" setting on my camera is giving me that milky, light look I want to get, so I'm thrilled. And yes, that's me dancing! THANK YOU DEAR ONE for taking the time to visit. Oh how I love this blog of yours! Anita


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