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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Photo Shoot with a young model

Iris arrived 45 minutes late, fresh from the Soccer field, no makeup, other than the war paint she wore under her eyes.  But even though the autumn light was fading, we got her into the dress, [ Crickett's old prom gown] wiped the black from under her eyes, and had her in the leaves in 5 minutes.  This teen really is one of the most cooperative, agreeable models I've ever worked with.  Her natural beauty required no make-up, and her athletic frame moved as instinctively as that of a professional model.

Iris goes to our church, and I  was  concerned that her dad would think these pictures were a bit "sexy",   [ you know how dads are!] but he assured me that he was only surprised at how "grown up" his little girl looked!


  1. I can see you worked well
    together....she is simply beautiful.
    Your work is so very good.


  2. Thanks, Rose. Not only is she a great model, but she has a singing voice worthy of Broadway, is an honor student , and a star athlete!

  3. Oh, Dawnie, you're right, she IS lovely. What a joy it must have been to work with her! Fabulous shot and beautiful digital enhancements!

  4. Thanks so much, cherz! She could be a pro model, huh? And just as nice as she is pretty.

  5. Wonderful wonderful work!!!! My favorites are the last 2. You go girl ( both of you)

  6. Thank you, Valarie! The last two are my favorites, also. I have one more to go, which I'm working on now. But no time with Autumn clean-up outdoors!


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