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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back to France...where was I..?

G e r b e r o y

A  S t o r y b o o k   V i l l a g e  i n   F r a n c e   

...Oh, right...I was going to tell you about the rest of the trip.  It wasn't all Châteaux and Chandeliers, but it was all magical, just the same.

We picked up our rental car upon landing at CDG, and drove 30 minutes north up to the medieval town of Senlis [you pronounce the last "s"], the pretty town where over 100 movies have been filmed. Maybe I was delirious from jet lag, but I really forgot what century I was in. What an atmospheric place!  It rained while were there, and we all loved that.  It truly added to the romance of the cobblestone streets, the market in the town square, the majesty of the beautiful old cathedral.

t h e   b r o t h e r s

And in addition to all the cultural and romantic beauty, there was also this most wonderful antique boutique...

Look at those zinc garlands!  I could have fit them in my suitcase!!!! [ Slaps forehead.]  Well, we are planning to go back to this town in November, and maybe they'll be there then.  And maybe I will find out the name of this sweet shop.  Because, although I took a business card from the charming owner, I gave it to my darling husband to hold, and he put it in his jacket pocket.  Then proceeded to lose his jacket at our dinner restaurant. And the card.  So if the charming owner ever sees this post, [ and I gave her the name of this blog] I hope she will get in touch with me and tell me the name and address!!!!!

After lunch in Beauvais, we headed deeper in the lush Picardie countryside to arrive at the Storybook village of Gerberoy. I gave you a link to Gerberoy in a previous post, but I had only read about it then.  I had no idea that it would be such an enchanting place...

                                                 A village festooned in flowers...

and filled with the sweetest cottages...

Hollyhocks and Cobblestone lanes...

I could live here...

This is the most iconic house in the village, and it was right opposite the window of our cozy B&B,Le Logis de Gerberoy owned by Cécile et Olivier Gréboval

This is part of the gardens of Henri Le Sidaner

And this is the ruined chateau which he bought in 1900 and eventually turned into a dreamy garden filled with roses. Every year the entire town hosts a Rose Festival in honor of him and these roses.  I edited this shot below to make the opening photo to this post, because I felt like I was truly in a fairytale.

Despite our luxurious bed and comfortable room, I was too wired to sleep.  Couldn't get over this view, so I hung out the window for quite a while...

What is it with French houses that they don't need screens? Here at home I have moths beating themselves senseless on my screens all the while I'm reading in bed.  Don't they have bugs in France?  Don't a few bats want to get in bed with you?  I pondered these deep questions for quite some time, and soon it was morning...

After a wonderful walk in the woods...

And the most delicious French breakfast of freshly baked,flakey croissants, homemade confiture, and cafe au lait served to us by our sweet host, Cecile[we all loved her]...

...we were ready to head out to Honfleur and la Mer!

Je reviendrai bientôt, doux amis,



  1. Oh MY!!! I couldn't stop looking at these photographs. What a charming and lovely village. Thanks for sharing!

  2. My dear, dear are going to have to be my contact to guide me where to go when I go back to France. I was in Nice for a month (NO BUGS!!!!! I was on the fifth floor and slept with my volet's open...NO BUGS) and then I went up to Le Perigord....GORGEOUS...but this, THIS is ethereal. Your photos, AGAIN, capture a magic not seen with the naked eye. Your vision is stunning, and YOU are LA MAÎTRESSE DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE! I am at a loss for words, but just know that you have captured the France of our dreams....Anita

  3. Oh Dawne...this is amazing !!!!...what a great country !! beautiful !!!...enjoy your from

  4. Your images are amazing!!!

    Such beauty, Oh what a delight it would be to see those places in person! But seeing them through your heart and the lens of your camera is wonderful!!!

    ~ Violet

  5. What an utterly enchanting place, your photographs are magical, such talent!
    I loved the zinc garlands too,hope you can find them again.
    One day, I wish, I will get the chance to visit France:)

    Wendy xo

  6. Good morning beautiful the dawn, you shine with stardust. THANK YOU, MERCI MILLE FOIS for your visit, your kind heart, your vision, your friendship. Oh how it will be an interesting year at school, with budget cuts, new curriculums and less people. God, please help us!

    It was a fun summer, and the best part is having made new friends. Blessings to YOU new and dear friend. Anita

    PS merci beaucoup pour les photos pour mon billet, Clair de Lune....

  7. teeeheee...yes, I drew those little children. They are my pals from the team blog, NOWHERE. The one little GARÇON is Ruben!!

  8. oh my, my mascara is running too..!! after seeing all your stunning images I am just much fun and so much to look at when one travels..and amazing photography skills... these images are so beautiful..

  9. Dawne,
    These photos are incredible!! You truly captured this charming place with your lens. The walk in the woods was so pretty, and the cathedral was beautiful. Whenever Nel and Jess travel, they always like to go to the old cathedrals, and sometimes even go to mass in them. There is so much history there. Paris was one of their favorite places to eat, and the flaky croissants were scrumptious. I'm so glad you got to experience something so fabulous, and when you go back in November, think about me when you are walking through those woods. You have truly taken me on a fairytale through your pictures.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  10. much beauty in one post!!! You sure did have a wonderful trip! Happy Tuesday!

    Love, Kristin

  11. Dawne,
    Thanks for visiting. Hey, I wanted to be sure to come back and tell you that I haven't seen the movie "Midnight in Paris." Jess and Nel had fondue one night and watched the movie. I want to see it now though. There's three of us, and I know it probably gets confusing for everyone. In fact, someone else thought that it was me and Jess that had fondue together too. Nel was talking last week that maybe we should write our name after each post so everyone will know who wrote the post. Oh well, it gave me a chance to come back and see your gorgeous photos.
    Take care sweetie,
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  12. Dawne,
    How beautifully you have captured the charm of these villages. I have never stopped in this part of France, probably drove through but never stopped. It's now high on my list of things to do!

    I love your treatment of that photo. The sky is reminiscent of Van Goch's Starry starry night!

    Beautiful photos :-)

  13. Oh, that is just heavenly. It has been a few years since I've been to France. I forgot how beautiful it can be. I also love the much slower pace of life and of course, the fresh pain au chocolat in the shops every morning!

  14. Dawne, I had a daughter named Dawn and now a granddaughter named Dawn...surely do love tha name.
    It is as lovely as your creative, and you have the most lovely little village to inspire you.......just could only dream of going there.
    What a talent you are, you're images bring tears to my eyes at times.

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