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Making Friends in Paris
One of our pleasures in Paris is to take photos of people we meet or couples that we see in love, then edit the shots artistically , and email them to the folks.  Here are a few  from our trip in March.

This area in the 10th is a fascinating melting pot...

This long-legged beauty owns an art gallery 

Two young couples were walking down the street in the Marais, and I pretty much accosted them and asked if I could photograph them.  The trouble is I  kind of mixed them up and put the wrong couples together!  I did get it worked out...with their help, of course.  They seemed to know who belonged to whom.

These two French beauties were having Café Creme with us in Le Pain Quotidien.  Yes, just like the one in New York...only better.

A sexy Frenchman!  Ooo la la!

Le Musée Carnevalet
This is my favorite museum in the Marais. It was once the home of Mmm. de Sévigné. 

This amazing museum traces Paris’ history from its origins to the present with exhibits on the city from the prehistory and the Roman times to Medieval politics, 18th century splendour and Revolution, 19th century Haussmannization, and Mitterand’s “Grands Projets”. The collection includes the Wendell Ballroom by José Maria Sert, and the Charles Les Brun ceilings in rooms 19 and 20. The garden and are a lovely place to relax after the visit to the museum. The museum hosts special exhibitions featuring the work of cartoonists, sculptors and photographers. My favorite room is the complete reconstruction of an Art Nouveau pharmacie
And it's free!

Musée Carnavalet

Mansard Roof in the Latin Quarter

French roses are the most beautiful I've ever seen

Gustave Moreau's Chair

Au Vieux Paris

           Window in the 10th

 In the Latin Quarter

Le Flåneur

Le Rendez-vous

Do you have a favorite restaurant in Paris?

This is my favorite restaurant in Paris
"Au Vieux Paris". Quite near Notre Dame.

Musee Gustave Moreau

I had never been to this museum before, but I always have loved Gustave Moreau.  I wasn't expecting it to be such an amazing space, with two of the most outrageous art studios I have ever seen!  I got a real feeling for this not-so-well-known artist, and rather enjoyed using his bathroom!!


Oedipus and the Sphinx

Amelie's Café

"Amelie" is one of my all-time favorite movies [ you too? ], so on the day that we walked up to Montmartre, I had to have lunch at the café where she worked.  We got a great table, right about where the O-C guy sat, [although the interior has changed a bit] and proceed to behave like total tourists.  Dean took this photo of me.
Then everyone started coming up to us to take their pictures, and we were all talking and laughing,  and then the waiter got in the act, and it was another one of those fabulous, fun French experiences!  And the onion soup was wonderful!


  1. a wonderful find! and the red beret, with your reflection is just too perfect!

  2. Having wandered through your blog, reading, looking, laughing, loving you and all these images, well, thank you for a rich and wonderful experience, Dawne. Thank you.

  3. I love this picture. I would like it to be printed... just for me... you seem to be someone i would like to meet. Beautiful one

  4. Trés, trés chic this shot Dawne.


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