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Everafter Farm

E V E R A F T E R   F A R M

Memorial Day
Yeah.  We like flags.  You should see Bastille Day.  But nothing beats the Stars and Stripes..

The Gazebo in Early Morn

Everafter Farm At Dawn

From the screened porch

Dining Room

your guest room :-}

Breakfast Area

Mutti's seat

Old Living Room [ before Paris Grey chalk paint!]

my pink and green days

Shoe Trees

Vintage Books

French Hall Mirror

in the front hall

Lambs in the Atelier

A Cozy Corner in the Atelier

came home from France at 2:00 a.m. one morning and found my darling had built me these!

all ready and awaiting the new iMac!

view from my work station

our anniversary French Country Armoire!

a corner of my French Country Mudroom

more chickens in the mudroom

Boo in the Mudroom


a frequent view!

corner of the dining room

Front garden, May

from the gazebo, May

July Mowing

late August

phlox at twilight

autumn mantle

fall foliage

the barns in october

down in the sunflowers

september sunday morning

the fence across the road

It's hard to stay indoors on days like this!

love the smell of woodsmoke as the sun creeps over the hill

first snow

Christmas Living room

whoops!  Forgot to light the fire!

in the summer we put the chairs here

Christmas morning sunrise in our bedroom

Mutti's mantle

Mutti's bathroom at Christmas

dining room hutch


old cupboard in kitchen

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