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Friday, September 24, 2010

Summer Art Exhibits

Our county is home to a thriving Artists' Community, and last weekend saw many events focusing on the arts, both visual and performing, as well as the local art of cheese making.  I was involved in two art exhibits. the first which opened on Friday night at Gardenworks. In a unique barn setting, my painting teacher, Janine Thomas, presented Lessons from the Country, a show of her work and the work of 52 of her students from over the years.  As before, I won't show you my painting, but I did show this  Mixed Media piece:

l'oiseau de novembre

Here're some of my friends and their work:

Pat and her painting of the brook through her garden

Kathy and her chicken

...and Janine and her chick.  We are all part of the "Georgi Girls", as Janine teaches our class at the Georgi Museum, and we traveled together, with two others, Holly and Susan, to Provence 2 years ago.

On Saturday there was yet another show at the Georgi, called "Gems at the Georgi".  Since I was one of the planners of this show I opted not to exhibit, but my daughter and husband did.  The receptions for both openings were marvelous, with all sorts of  wonderful local foods, handmade cheeses, and breads.
And the art was top notch.  Here's a painting by Will Moses, Grandma Moses grandson.

And Serena's gourd pottery

Cheryl Baldwin, on the right, is the director of the Georgi.  Here she relaxes with her friend, after the excitement of the Opening winds down!


  1. Such wonderful art pieces...great you could all enjoy and benefit from the class together.


  2. Thanks, Rose. We've ben meting there for 6 years. But I still can't paint!!

  3. my first look inside the place ... oh, my!
    you HAVE been a very busy woman. your work and that of the other artists is nothing short of superb.
    but C and D, didn't see them?

  4. My pix of them and their work didn't come out as nicely as I would have hoped :-( Someday...


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