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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snowstorm, January 10

Old First Church

We had the most marvelous snowstorm last night, and would have loved to sleep in cozy and warm, but I had to rise at 5:00 and drink this liquid for my CT scan.  Dean and I both at appointments at the hospital this a.m. so we set out in the pick-up truck amidst the swirling snow in an arduous trek down to Bennington.  Although it was slow going,  it was really fun and oh, so beautiful!  After our tests we felt elated, so relieved to leave the clinics and machines behind and escape back into the white wonderland outside.  We stopped in Old Bennington to photograph at the very pretty Old First Church, and then over to the Country Club, where the snow was so deep we couldn't get to the spot we wanted.  But what fun we had trying!
I'm glad we had such a great morning , because by afternoon I was pretty sick from an allergic reaction to the contrast dye, and have not been well all week.  But Praise God, My Gentleman is now cancer free, and healthy as a horse!!!


  1. Dawne,
    I absolutely adore all of your dreamy and pretty and lovely!
    I would like to invite you
    to join a traveling art journal.
    I have a group on facebook
    where we are writing back and
    forth. Be so fun, so very wonderful
    if you could join us!!
    Eden at ARTful Fairy Tales

  2. Thank you for the kind words and the lovely invitation Eden! I'll have to look it up on Facebook...

  3. this photo fills my heart with warmth!


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