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Friday, April 1, 2011

Poisson d'Avril or Poison d'Avril?

poison d’avril

April fool’s day. In France the  tradition is to attach a paper fish to other people's back without being noticed : “poisson d’avril !”
But this year the fish are poisoned, and everybody noticed it. And it’s not a joke. Alas. And it seems we all are the fools.
(for my friends who do not understand french, “poison d’avril” is a pun between “poisson” (fish) and “poison”)
This chilling image, and the profound message it sends, is the work of my dear French friend Dominique, [known as Dwarkan ] a conceptual artist who traded the career as director of a successful  ad agency for a dream life by the sea, making Digital Art that speaks to the Human Condition. I thank him for sharing this image with us, and for giving us a little glimpse into the French culture.Click on the link to see more of his dark, and thought provoking work.

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