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Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Day in the City

New York City, circa 1912 
I shot this in a bank, before the guard told me not to photograph!

My gentleman and I went down to NYC on Tuesday to the ever-so big Surtex show at the Javits.  I was very grateful that my agent gave us tickets, as it's difficult to get into this show without them, even if you pay a fee.  The show was exhilarating , with hundreds of artists represented, and licensing agents also displaying their artists' work.  Even bigger than the Surtex show was the Stationery show next door, and I was like a kid in a candy shop there.  It was like the World's Biggest Kate's Paperie!  My favorite booths  actually dealt with vintage items, like TinselTrading Company,  and the delightful  Potterton Books, with an entire booth full of Very Vintage fabric sample books..huge books filled with 18th and 19th century fabrics, mostly French, that had me wondering how I could start a Fabric/Wallpaper/ Decorative Arts company, and reproduce these beautiful patterns.  The books were dear, several thousand dollars each, but oooh, the visual yumminess!  Too bad I wasn't allowed to photograph them. 

 But the young woman in this picture welcomed photography.

And here's the lovely Elizabeth at Monahan Papers.

Mixed Media artists, among others, will love this site.

Another fun part of this show was an exhibit of paper couture in the hallway separating the two shows

So cute.  And everything made from paper!

And, after an exhausting day at the shows, we took the shuttle uptown to one of my favorite places in the Big Apple, Bergdorf's.
But, yet again, the windows were in transition, and I only got to see a few done.

In honor of the late, fabulous Alexander McQueen

And a spectacular antique gilt mirror...I'd love to see this window finished!

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