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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Back to France...again.

o l d  b o a t  i n  t h e  M a r n e

Thank you so much to 
all who wrote encouragement on my last post.  I think your "favorite blogger" has agreed to help me with her words, but we'll not say more about that until later...:)

I think right now you all would like to see some more pix of our November trip to France, right?  Okay, let's start with the first town we traveled to, Senlis, just an hour north of Paris.

Here are the two photo enthusiasts who traveled with us, and have become our great friends.  They are named Marie and Christine, just like the name of a shop in town!  

Senlis is a medieval town

If you remember , we went to Senlis also 
in July , and I fell in love with this little antique boutique, but lost the name. 
 Well, this time I didn't lose the card.  The brocante de charme is called       

Le Clos Eglantine
and it is owned by
Nadia Hallers

Couldn't you just do some credit card damage in here?

All of the furniture is vintage or antique,but has been painted in the loveliest shade of Paris grey. 

 I shared a few ideas about chalk paint with the owner.  She may carry the paint someday. If you're ever in Senlis, it is at
 1 rue de Beauvais, 
right as you enter the town.
We had a lovely lunch at a tearoom across the street,

shopped for cheese

spent some time in the cathedral, 
then headed to our petite château in the Champagne region

Le Château de la Marjolaine

there was a beautiful little chapel on the grounds

and a romantic gate leading to 

 a peaceful promenade along the river Marne...

before dinner in our own private dining room!
And what a remarkable dinner it was, served and prepared by jean Pierre and Bruno!!!

Tomorrow we'll move on to Versaille!
But now it's time to go and watch "Downton Abbey!"

A bientôt, mes amies,


  1. Oh so beautiful! Thanks for sharing. And now I'm off to watch Downton Abbey now it!

  2. Le sigh, encore. I can never get enough of France. I don't know if I will ever be able to go back, because of my health and my finances, so I have to rely on you, dear Dawne, to give me a frequent French fixe :~)

    La petite chapelle est magique!!!
    I had to Google translate that :~)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Oh, I forgot~~I'm going to watch Downton Abbey, too :~)

  5. What a joy to see your photos and story of being in France!!! I look forward to more....

    ~ Violet

  6. Oh, Dawne..sounds like the perfect day! As for your photos, there really are no words...well, perhaps a wow! :)) So gorgeous...
    - Irina
    (Enjoy Downton!)

  7. Oh Dawn !! my mouth wide open.....what a great pictures !!! Versailles...i was their too...have a nice week love love

  8. Perfect as usual Dawn, I am so excited to see your project come to fruition, I think I can guess who your partner will be. It will be wonderful.

  9. HOW DID I MISS THIS??????????

    I am swooning. Literally, I took a gasp of breathe and starting choking!!!! I MUST COME BACK TO YOU IN EMAIL...yikes, is there any PLACE in France that is ugly? NO, I THINK NOT!!!


  10. I adore the little church. One of these days I'd love to travel abroad.

  11. So wonderful to see you chez moi, sweet friend! Oh, dear Anita!! Breathe well, my dear!
    Dawne, that is not Anita's bed..but the image is from a previous post of hers. Therefore I attribute it to her blog..but is it indeed swoon worthy:))
    - Irina

  12. Im in love with the images , the place, your work..outstanding and credit card damage..what , where.
    Have a wonderful week. So glad you stopped by.

  13. Your pictures are stunning! And the places you visited look just heavenly.... I could have purchased everything in the antique shop!
    I hope you enjoyed Downton Abbey.

    Abby xx

  14. Credit card damage for sure! Wow, what amazing goodies. Did she tell you what paint they use on their furniture? It looks like milk paint.


  15. Love all your photos, Dawne! Oh my gosh, I love that dinning room, I can only imagine the wonderful dinner you had there.....& yes, cannot wait for the next Downton Abby, seems we we have a lot of similar likes!

  16. Wow, your november trip has some amazing images, looks like scenes from a film, so pretty

  17. Dawne, LOVE the pics! What do you use to edit your photos?
    They are a work of art! Thanks for visiting me this week-end. Love you company, friend!

  18. Ooooooh, that travel heart in me just woke up again!!! I love your post! That grey shade is so beautiful and how fun that you found a store which fitted their names ;)

    Kristin x


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