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Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Paris Party!

Bienvenue, mes amies!
If you've been to this blog before, you've see my little thumbnail over to the right that says "in my head, I'm in Paris"
Well, tonight, I'm linking up with the fabulous 
and her 
Paris Party

and I really am in [a virtual] Paris with many other Francophiles!
This is a bon fête!!

This is one of my favorite parts of Paris...
le Marais

I also love 

Les Invalides...

...and the Latin Quarter...and

The staircase at the Gustave Moreau Museum

or the feminine feeling of the Musée Carnavalet

Once the private home of
 Madame de Sevigné.

I love the "pain, vin, and frommage" of Paris

and the lure of the shop windows

the galleries

and the graffiti...

and the guys.

And, yes, the girls

the lovers...

and the lonely.

The cars

and the carousels

the Metro

and Montmartre

at night...

or day...

and of course, La Tour

at sunset.

These are just a few of the reasons why I love Paris. 

And I'm not the only one...  
Of course He does!!

 If you want to see more of my photos of Paris you can join me at my photo blog 
French at Heart

for throwing this party again!!  I met you just one year ago HERE!!!

Au revoir, mes amies,


  1. Dawne,
    I love your Paris! What a great trip. I did get there early yes. I was at the airport waiting for my flight at 4 minutes past midnight GMT :-). I was keen to get there and see the wonders. Meet you for coffee in the Latin Quarter!

  2. Hello Dawne,

    What amazing images! Is that you in that first photo? Very cool! Wow...I have to agree with you that the graffiti is quite amazing.

    I like your last photo as well. :)

    I met you through this link party as well, last year and am so excited to be participating again this year. That Anita...She is PRECIOUS, isn't she?

    Have a lovely weekend!
    Heidi (hi-d)

  3. Such beautiful images, even the graffiti in Paris is noteworthy. A lovely Paris post and a lovely blog.

  4. So Glorious Dawn! I am loving our fabulous trip with Anita!!

    A Parisian Party
    Art by Karena

  5. well, I knew from your banner I would like your blog...and guess what!!!
    Lovely tour. I am with you in Paris today (I go all over in my head) and so wish I could stay longer....
    pleased to 'meet you'
    fee x

  6. beautiful and very unique photos!! :) :) xx Holly

  7. Dawne,
    These magical images are too gorgeous. Is that you I spy in the first one? One day I will get to this amazing city of pink light and beauty, but until then I will eat up your lovely photos.


  8. Your Paris post is indeed Magical! So many beautiful photographs, your love of Paris shines through. I am so happy to meet you in "The City Of Lights"……….Visiting you from Anita's.

    The French Hutch

  9. i love it! simply love it. why have i not found you before?
    thank you so much for this beautiful, magical, stunning, amusing and truly delightful tour ❤
    i shall be following your further adventures for sure.

    have a fabulous weekend xx

  10. This is great Dawne....i am glad that i met you also in Paris.......i hope we have a great from me.,

  11. If not in person, seeing Paris through your eyes {and camera lens} has got to be the BEST!!!

    Isn't this how we met last year through Anita?!?

    I am sitting here eating an omelette and drinking orange juice out of my "Paris" mug and pretending I'm at a sidewalk cafe as I watch the Parisians walk by...

    Hugs to you, and prayers and blessings!
    Yes, Jesus Loves Paris ~ and all who live and travel there, even through these blogs this week....

    ~ Violet

  12. You are quite a collagist! Love the images and words... seamless dance between them. Paris is magical in so many ways.. you seem to have found quite a few.

  13. Dawne,
    I came over here right away because I knew you would have spectacular pictures....and I was right! I love everything about this post - the cafes, the buildings, the graffiti, the carousel. Just one word to describe this....perfection! I'm off now to view a few more lovelies.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  14. What a marvelous post! You do it so beautifully.

  15. Oh it is beautiful through your eyes. I've never been to your blog before but I did use one of your photos(giving you credit of course) that I found through google for my Paris tour!

  16. Gorgeous, gorgeous shots of our favourite city... Happy weekend... xv

  17. Bonjour Dawne!
    First, thank you so much for visiting Bebe in Paris and your kind words.
    Now... I am in heaven here.. Your images take my breath away.. Beautiful and inspiring post.

  18. Such a gorgeous shot of you Dawne in Paris. Is that your Honey at the end? Your images are so wonderful. you have mangaed to capture all that makes the city so delightful! So anxious to having that café with you soon!
    à bientôt,

  19. Such a lovely post about Paris and so nice to meet you.

    Bisous, et que Notre Seigneur Jesus Christ te benisse ~
    Kisses, and may the Lord Jesus Christ bless you~

    Pearl 13.1

  20. Dawne...i am forever
    and always in a fairytale
    space when visiting your
    imagery...which is ever
    happy happy Paris moments!

  21. love love love!!!! This was so much fun and beauty!smiles~

  22. Dawne,
    What a pleasure to meet you at Anita's is just wonderful to see the bits of Paris that we all share...and I adore yours!
    A bientot,

  23. WOWOWOOWOWO I thought I commented on this post this morning!! WAIT, maybe I had commented via EMAIL!! Oh Dawne,thank you so much for coming again to participate in what I feel is a real connection. I am seeing the most precious posts of love for Paris and each OTHER....I KNOW I COMMENTED ON THIS but it must have been via email because I was so impressed with JESUS!!!

    I was at school all day long and I have been answering emails and comments and I finally made it here. Your photos are rich in emotion and show YOUR love for this great city. AND you traveled with that organization that made the video I have up? HOW COOL! GENIAL!!!!

    Well, you bring much expertise and passion to this party and dearest, I hope your bandwidth allows you to continue to party on....ohhhhhh now I remember, we did have an email conversation for that is how I know about your bandwidth!

    DOPY ME...I am soooooooo tired! I will get back tomorrow for more Paris party hopping! BONNE NUIT, Anita

  24. And there is our magnificent hostess!!!

    Chere Dawne! I am so glad your computer is working again...
    Every Parisian image of yours here leaves me breathless...
    Absolutely stunning, dear friend!!
    Have a great time at the party....
    - Irina
    P.S. I saw the gorgeous article in your previous post...loved it.

  25. Beautiful photos! You've captured some of my favourite parts of Paris.
    Wishing you a lovely weekend! xoxo, B

  26. Your blog is exquisite...such a wonderful tour of a beautiful city...thank you!!

    I am following now and I would like to invite you over to my blog to be entered in my giveaway.

    Dessa Rae

  27. Great photo's! Bonne Journee!
    bliss farm antiques

  28. Dawne...I am so mesmerized by your Invalides sky!
    Thank you so much for visiting me...and my "parlaying" is rusty! If you don't use it...
    I try to read and watch French films...but nothing beats immersion, of course...
    Have a beautiful day, dear friend!
    - Irina

  29. DAWNE DEAR!!! Are you loving the tours? How is your internet holding up?

    I want to ask your permission to use the first photo with BEAUTIFUL YOU in it. I want to make a collage.....please let me know if I have permission to use it.

    I have had so much fun now that I am off. I took a nap today and I feel FREE!!!!! Anita

  30. Dawne, your photos are not different than paintings, telling stories of romance with a little nostalgia ...Your reasons to love Paris are somehow my reasons, too; for that I am happy to meet you through Anita's wonderful celebration.

  31. Your blog is incredible! And I adore all of the Paris photos! This post even makes me love Paris so much the more...and I have never even been there...but this lovely tour of yours is fantastic!
    Teresa in California

  32. BON JOUR!!!!
    I just returned from Paris--so when some how I stumbled upon Anita's blog and found this Party, I knew I found a friend...New friend and she shared mY love for Paris...and I have found lots of new friends who share my love for Paris!!!!!
    this is so fun!!!
    I loved your post....good fun for sure!!!

  33. WOW.Wow...and double WOW!!
    How have I NOT SEEN your blog before???
    Utterly, unbelievably beautiful.
    Nice Paris post.
    Will be back for sure.

  34. BONJOUR!!! AU LEVER DU JOUR, je me sens TRÈS EN BONNE FORME!!! And I find your wonderful note my dear, and I am thrilled that LOVELY YOU will be a part of the collage I am making.

    WOW. What a fun party this has been. Linking each other up has been great fun, because I want everyone to see each others' ART AND HEART. Yes, your photos my expert friend, are like master paintings. AND NOW with this freedom, I think a little chien by the name of BOO BOO awaits me still, I hope????

    MERCI MILLE FOIS for the permission my friend, and may that bandwidth be good to you! Enjoy a lovely day out in the country...Anita

  35. What a wonderful tour,I so enjoyed.Very nice meeting you in Paris.

  36. Good morning, Dawne! So be able to meet you through Anita's wonderful Paris party! I so loved seeing Paris through your eyes today...

    I'll be following along. Wishing you the most wonderful weekend!


  37. Merci beaucoup for your sweet comment!

  38. Dawne, I'm late arriving to all the party posts, slowing savoring my way through each and every one. I'm in awe of your amazing photos and will visit this one again and again and again. I can tell you that I never get enough of this beautiful amazing city. Thank you for sharing Paris through the lens of your camera. I'm off to visit your other links. Merci ~ Sarah

  39. Wanted to come by one more time to thank you for your sweet words and following Me.Of course,I would love to follow you.Hugs and blessings Denise

  40. I love your photography, thanks for sharing Paris, Love, Linda

  41. Hello Dawne

    I have had a beautiful few minutes travelling along with you through Paris. You have captured the heart of the city and through the sepia colour it brings back memories of my honeymoon in Paris more than 30 years ago. Very special and incredible photography


  42. That was very nice, as part of Anita's tour, I'm late to complete. (I started at the bottom of the list, so now, almost done.) Those were lovely photos to share, Merci, Mary

  43. Wow, I'm totally in love with picture no 3 and 5. I can't think of anything more beautiful in Paris than such windows!!!! I have to go back just to take lots of such photos! Thanks for visiting me, Dawne, and I am very late, but glad I came. Have a lovely day!

  44. I am your newest follower. Thank you for sharing the images and the details of your adventures. I felt like I was there!! I want to visit France so badly but until I get there I appreciate people like you that are living my dream and sharing!! Have a great week and would love to have you visit my new blog sometime.

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