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Monday, July 11, 2011

A Weekend in the Big Apple

The view from our hotel room

I just returned from a delightful weekend in Manhattan with my dear friend.  The weather was perfect, with a balmy breeze, and we two country girls played like City Slickers.

First, we went uptown to Henri Bendel [or Bendel's, as everybody calls it]on 5th avenue and had the total face make-over.  Ummm, that felt good! My friend's daughter is getting married next week, so a fancy new look was in order.

Then we watched a very special demonstration in the window...shoemakers making custom shoes while you wait!  But no, not for us...

We saw young lovers, just like in Paris

And pretty girls, out for a night on the town

Then we went up a block to my favorite store, Bergdorf Goodman, to see the artfully designed windows...

...which were okay, but nothing to write home about...

I did like the background paintings by this artist 
John Gordon Gauld

Inside the door we were greeted by this installation.  hmmmm.  Not really my style.  What do you think?

Saturday night we had dinner at the closest thing to a real French restaurant that we saw. And it was fantastic!  I will definitely go there again. And I can find it, because...

It's right next door...

To Sardi's. [ I hope she didn't get stood up.]

But the best part of the trip was Sunday morning, when we went to worship at the Times Square Church, right across the street from "Mamma Mia".

This huge church  is headquartered in a theater building originally built by Warner Bros. in 1930 as a movie palace, the Warner Hollywood Theatre, which was later converted to a Broadway venue, the Mark Hellinger Theatre.Upon its purchase, Pastor Donald W. Wilkerson, brother of David Wilkerson and one of the church leaders, declared that the theater would not be altered, saying "The theater is landmarked and it will remain the same."
-from Wikipedia

I wasn't sure I should be photographing like a tourist, but I had to just grab one shot as I entered the building.  The inside is even more beautiful, but once we entered the sanctuary, I forgot about everything but the worship and the music and the beautiful Spirit that was present there. Everyone stood and sang for 45 minutes, and Jesus was the center of all praise.  It was such an uplifting experience, and quite a change from our own little country church of about 75 people. As the hundreds of voices raised in "All Hail the Power of Jesus Name", I really heard for the first time that verse that says 

Let every kindred, every tribe
on this terrestrial ball
to him all majesty ascribe
and crown him Lord of all

And indeed, as I looked around, I saw the Face of Heaven in those, white, hispanic, asian.  A young Korean lady next to me, two elderly Mennonites next to my friend, two arabs in front of us, an African in her homeland dress...every kindred, every tribe, and all part of the Family of God.

à bientôt, mes amies


  1. In every image there is a every story there is have a gift to bring to the world through your imagery and your perspective on life...God bless you dear Mother.

  2. WOW. Talk about a fun blog post through your had me with the window where people were making CUSTOM SHOES...but then this theatre, with ALL TRIBES AND TONGUES THERE...TOGETHER, WORSHIPPING HIM! That is chilling, beautiful and a slice of what is yet to be DAWN! What a beautiful post my friend. And thank YOU for your kind words and visit to my home. It has been a blessing to share it with those of you who know what it is like to dream and build on your hopes...bless you dear and welcome HOME!

    So nice to see you...Anita

  3. Dawn,
    Going to that amazing church would have been the highlight for me also, to join in that hymn... so powerful!!!!

    Thank you for your visit, I see that we share our lovely friend Anita : )

    Beautiful blog!!!
    ~ Violet


    Oh dear one, you are so kind to come to visit me....I feel very fortunate to have met such LOVELY and kind souls through Blogland. My dear and wonderful friend VIOLET I see, has come to see you too. Dawn dear, you are going to FRANCE? My friend, I will miss your presence for I look forward to your posts. I am following you so when you come back, I hope you will post on your travels. OH THAT DRESS MY DEAR! IT WAS YOURS??????? I found it on Pinterest and I FAILED TO SEE THE NAME ATTACHED!!! WOW...well, we share the same taste! Is that NOT A DIVINE COLOR? I am in love with aqua and it makes me so happy.

    Have yourself a safe and memorable trip. A BIENTÔT MON AMIE! Anita

  5. ALL....... HAIL THE POWER....INDEED !!
    When our LORD JESUS returns we will not be able to see the end of the gathering of souls..but we will all hear our raised voices in unison.
    You & your blog are a TRUE delight to visit.



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