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Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 235th anniversary of Our One Nation!

I'm Red, White and Blue...

through and through...

but I still feel French at Heart

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The 4th of July is such a special holiday in small town America.  Picnics and Parades, fireworks and fireflies,
 sunburns and s'mores...

This year we shared it with our little 6 year old Fresh Air child visiting us from the Bronx.
Smart as a whip and quite a little character, he'll keep me busy in the coming week as dear Hub goes off to Habitat. I see a lot of pizza in my future over the next week.

How did you celebrate the 4th?

à bientôt, mes amies


  1. Enjoy darling !!

  2. GOOD MORNING DAWN! Oh I love your photos, especially that one with what appears to be lace over the face of the woman....French at Heart? Moi aussi! And it is so nice of you to come and visit and comment on my writing. I have this secret desire to write, but like anything else I have pursued in life, I always start out a little embarrassed because I am quite bold. I have always been a big dreamer and family especially would think I was crazy for wanting to be this, or that...but I have done everything I set my mind to do, but this one is the biggest one of all: to be a writer, mostly, a poet. I am inspired by visuals, but more often these days, I am learning to observe more of NATURE. My favorite poet at the moment is Mary Oliver who simply observes her surroundings and lets loose with her magic in words. THANK YOU for your kind words; I do hope that people DO NOTICE that I have a speak to the heart in the only way I can, using a profound idea and using simple language. Oh we had a great fourth; we just stayed home, READ, TOOK NAPS and hung out on the couch and let the sun just pass over us as the hours just wiled away...Have a fabulous week dearest! Anita

  3. Your trip sounds like it was right out of Heaven. I had to content myself with a trip to Boston to see the Chihuly exhibit at the MFA. Visual Wow!
    Good to see your new photos.


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