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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Honfleur, la mer, et les amoureux

h o n f l e u r   i n   t h e   r a i n

La mer.  The seashore.  The Coast Of Normandy. A little French fishing village.  Those are phrases that have enticed me ever since I was a child.  And the next stop on our trip, the tiny coastal village of Honfleur, did not disappoint us.  It poured with rain while we were there, but, really, that only added to the charm.

o u r  b r o t h e r  b o b  a n d  h i s  n e w  u m b r e l l a

We ducked into a charming bookstore, and I could have stayed there all day looking at gorgeous books like this, the French version of 

The New 18th Century Home

[which I bought in English, as soon as I got home.  But not with this pretty cover:(]

haha!  I'm looking at this picture now and seeing the book under it:"365 Games to play on the Toilet!"  I did NOT buy that book!! But it does sound intriguing... :))

The rain did let up, eventually.

As we walked around the tiny bay I spied the sweetest couple, young lovers,les amoureux, sharing a delicious concoction of cream and fruit.

"Would you mind If I took your picture". I asked, in my best tourist Franglish. [Something like "Bonjour. Voulez vous permettez moi por takee votre picture, s'il vous plais?"

And, sweet things that they were,not only did they let me take their picture, in minutes we were playing iPhone games and becoming Facebook buddies.  In fact, the young man is using this very photo as his Fb profile picture right now!

Off to the next sweet seaside town of Trouville.  While it rained too hard to entice us to get out of the car at Deauville, it was quite lovely in Trouville. Wonderful shops there!

I would have loved to have taken everything in this shop home to Everafter Farm.  [Except for that adorable little French boy. I don't think his maman would part with him.]  Don't you just love that screen? 


There was a branch of the wonderful Parisian store, MERCI,

And across the way from that shop there was an  enchanting window display.  No store, actually.  Just this romantic scene.

Only in France!

Bisous, mes amies


  1. OH OUI, ONLY IN FRANCE can you capture this aura of a fairytale and love, iconic beauty and spirit. DAWNE MY SWEET! It is early morning and now I must run to work, but this is a fabulous post and I SO ENJOY YOUR ABILITY to transform an image into a timeless piece of best wishes for a SPLENDID DAY!!!! Anita

  2. Love, Love!!! Many amazing photos and I really love the one you took of the couple!! VERY nice!!! Have a lovely day!

    Love, Kristin

  3. As always, your photo blog is impressive. You make me want to go!

  4. Oh Dawn,
    Your photographs are so amazing!!!! Delightful
    and Romantic....

    Hey, your're gonna love the chalk paint. Come over and see my latest transformations : )

    ~ Violet

  5. Hi again!
    So you have the ASCP dark wax?!? Let me know how you like it. The stain I added to the paste wax gives a more subtle look, just a little darkening, which is just right for my project. But with a bright blue color, that wax is a must! I've got more wood things laying on my studio floor ready to paint paint paint! Woo-Ha!

    Oh wouldn't you and Anita and I have a blast if we were all neighbors?!?!
    A creativity explosion!

    ~ Violet

  6. so nice to happen upon the lovely window display.. and such beautiful photography...

  7. DEAREST! SOOOOOOO GOOD TO SEE YOU VISIT! I am so happy that you enjoyed my theatres. I do enjoy making a variety of art, and illustration is actually in the back seat as far as ability and interest, but I figured that some people like my drawings, so I will try to offer those as cards and tags....keep it simple! But yes, I love small theatres in gold and gray...they make you dream......oh, how nice that your friend liked my work! NOW OFF TO WORK........the weekend is OVER....Anita

  8. I love both of your blogs...I love your creative vision! and I'm following this one too, btw!

    So nice to have met up with you today!

    and, I love how you say you're in France, in your head! I think I am too most of the time!

    ciao bella

    Creative Carmelina

  9. Dawne,
    I just love these photos. It's as if I were there visiting myself. That picture of the sweet couple is priceless. And the romantic window display, oh my. You really captured all the beauty in these photos, and I know you will treasure them always.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  10. Hi Dawne, these photographs are amazing! I just keep looking at them over and over. The little story about the couple is so sweet!! Yes, only in France! Thanks for sharing your photos and experiences!


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