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Friday, September 2, 2011

Safe from the Storm...but not all were...

p a y s  d e  l y o n s - a n d e l l e

I shot this peaceful scene in the French countryside last month.  How different it is from the devastation that Irene wreaked on beautiful Vermont last week-end.

Here is a video shot by my friend and former teaching colleague, Bill Muench, showing just a small portion of the flooding in Manchester , Vermont

Aug. 28, 2011 Irene hits Manchester, Vermont from Bill Muench on Vimeo.

We,here on Everafter Farm, just across the border from Vermont, were not touched by the hurricane, thank God.  But our hearts, prayers, and support go out to those who were.

...and now we wait for Lee.

Have a safe, and restful Labor Day weekend



  1. I am so glad you are okay....have a nice from

  2. Oh, I always wanted to go to Vermont. I'm so glad you're safe, my friend. The French countryside picture is beautiful. Oh, I'm so glad we decided to put our names at the end of our posts too. It's less confusing that way - our mistake, by the way. I'm still learning things every day with the blog.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  3. So glad you are OK and hope Lee is not too bad. Your photos are so lovely!! I adore the colors you use!

  4. Dearest Dawne,

    This week has been busy and I feel so bad that I cannot get to visit everyone as quickly as in the summer. But I am here to see this heartfelt post and who knew? All the attention was focused on the coast....NYC...but who knew it would hit the interior in such a strong way. THinking of you...and so grateful for a kind and sweet spirit of a friend. Have a quiet weekend, Anita

  5. Glad to know you were safe, the storms are very frightening and do so much heartbreaking damage.
    Take care,
    Wendy x


    Here I am, getting back to my 3:30am wake up call!!! SO GOOD TO SEE YOU DEAREST! Yes, the first day was wonderful. I am trying to take ONE DAY AT A TIME because there is so much more ahead that is so HEAVY (data, reading groups, assessments) but for NOW, just one step at a time. Oh, I am actually looking forward to the weekend!!!!


  7. Dear Dawne, thanks for showing us that video. I'm glad you're safe and hope no more storms are coming your way. That first photo is enchanting and very nice! Have a lovely weekend!!!

    Love, Kristin


    How are you my sweet? Thank you for visiting me last night; it was a tough day to watch the memorial services for those precious souls and see family members interviewed. One woman who was interviewed was supposed to meet her firefighter husband for a date at a coffee shop; he had been so excited to meet her for it was his day off. He obviously went in to serve and was never to come out alive. Love and family and friends....that is what this life is made of.

    Peace my dear, Anita


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