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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Is Oscar French at Heart?

It's been two weeks since my last post, and I did promise you more pix from Paris.

Above are two versions of the same shot.  The top one is a "painted" photograph, texturized with French Kiss Textures, and the bottom one is simply a snapshot, processed in BW/sepia. I'm always amazed at how processing changes the personality of a photograph.  Both have their charm, because, after all, both are taken in Paris!!  Which one do you like better?

Meanwhile, I'm still basking in the glow of the Academy Awards.  What with "Midnight in Paris", Hugo" and "L'Artist", I'm thinking that this year, Oscar was a little "French at Heart"!!

This Oscar winner isn't French, but it has some French in it and it certainly has a French sensibility.  A friend sent it to me today, and I watched it at breakfast with two of my loved ones.  You might do the same. [I'd suggest that you watch it full screen on Youtube, preferably with a little one on your lap.]

And speaking of French films, our most recent one last night was "Avenue Montaigne".  I give it a 5!!

à bientôt, mes chers,



  1. Oh, wonderful Dawne, thank you for sharing all of this beauty today!
    The film is so touching and original..
    And your photos never fail to transport me to another time, perhaps even another dimension! :)
    The altered image definitely feels like I am traveling through the portals of time, whereas the original makes me want to be in Paris right now! :))
    Beautiful work, sweet friend.
    And I was glad to see so much French going on at the Oscars..oui oui!
    I have not seen Artiste either, nor Hugo..I think we'll rent that one this weekend.
    Merci encore et bonne journee!
    - Irina

  2. Hi Dawne! They are both just wonderful. I love them! Street scenes in Paris are my favorites. Hope you are doing well!

  3. Dear Dawne, both of your photos are beyond beautiful!!! The first one like a fairytale, the black and white a classic Paris photo. If I have to choose, which is difficult, I would go for the black and white. I think Paris is gorgeous in black and white! Thanks for the inspiration and have a beautiful evening/or day!

    Kristin xx

  4. Beautiful pictures are you ??? nice to read a nwe post from love love

  5. Don't make me pick a favorite...they are both you said it's Paris after all.

  6. if i must choose, i think i prefer the first one for its lucious textures! such a wonderful shot in any form.

  7. Oh je suis en retard!!! I did NOT watch the Oscars because I am so engrossed in our recent purchase of DVDs of DOWNTON ABBY! BUT, THE ARTIST is on my radar and list of next DVD purchase! Midnight in Paris is one of my favorites and I have seen it twice and ANY FRENCH FILM is worth its weight to be viewed many times in my house! In fact, that is how I taught myself French 20 years watching OVER AND OVER AND OVER my favorite French films. By the time I took my first beginning course in French, I was already speaking that they prof arranged to have me test out of two years of French!

    BRAVO À TOUS and that FIRST photo dearest, is magic.

    BISOUS! Anita

  8. My favorite part of the Oscars is the red carpet. I love those glamorous dresses. This year did not disssappoint. I'm so happy that many of the actresses are drawing their fashion choices from the iconic old days of Hollywood.

    I'm glad the Artist won. It was the best movie of the year.


  9. Oh how I love your photos!! Lovely dear.

  10. Dear Dawne, yes, I am obsessed, too. Can't believe I didn't find pinterest before now. I absolutely LOVE it! I'm following you now. I had to laugh a little when I saw your future sons in law :) :) Very cute! Have a wonderful weekend!


  11. Oh Dawne dear, I SO LOVE TO SEE YOUR VISITS EVERY POST!!!! THANK YOU for coming to see us how we looked 30 years ago!!!!!!!!!! I still have that JET BLACK hair, but short, and wear eyes are GONE! But I can see with my heart, and maybe that is what we are supposed to do....LOVE LOVE LOVE TO YOU!!! Anita


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