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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

o n   t h e    r i n g   o f   k e r r y

Although I'm French at Heart, I do share a birthday with St. Patrick
which makes me feel really quite Irish!!

I've only been to Ireland 3 times, but I feel as at home there as I would in Maine.

Except for the Irish traffic jams, of course...

Ireland still feels nicely old fashioned to me

I always drink Guinness when I'm in Ireland [ with Black Currant syrup on top].

My last trip was with my friend, artist Betsy Hubner

Here she is at Cahir Castle


my editing style has really changed in the past few years!

I Hope you are all having a wonderful Wearin' O' the Green!!  I know I am!

Please scroll down to  read about our Photography Workshop in Paris and Normandy this summer!  All photographers welcome--- from beginner to expert!!


  1. Happy Birthday Dawne! May you have a wonderful year ahead! My birthday is the 19th!

  2. A Very Happy Birthday to you, Dawne!!!

    I LOVE the thatched cottage!!! I've been to Englad and Scotland, but didn't go over to Ireland. That's another Maybe Someday :~)

    xo, Elaine

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR DAWNE!!! We celebrate YOU!!!
    Beautiful images...
    Big hugs,
    - Irina

  4. I AM SOOOO LATE! I swear I had gotten to all the new posts yesterday! BON ANNIVERSAIRE MA BELLE! What a glorious post of a world that I am so glad still exists amidst our life of strip malls and new houses that all look the same! I wouldn't mind being stuck in an Irish traffic jam myself.....this is absolutely lovely my dear! HAPPY SUNDAY! Anita

  5. O wowwwwww......i like this post...i like Ireland....and you !!..happy

  6. Leaving for Ireland on Tuesday. Wish you were in my suitcase.
    I'll be in Paris in May -- any fun finds that I might have missed?

  7. Hi Dwayne, what a gorgeous portrait and I love the third picture with the cows - a beautiful black and white one. Have a really lovely new week!


  8. Happy belated birthday, dear Dawne and wishing you a wonderful year ahead.
    Love all your wonderful photos of Ireland, fabulous.


  9. Hello, chere amie! I hope you had a most beautiful Birthday celebration with those you hold dear...

    I have tagged you, sweet Dawne! :))
    Please do not feel obligated to play, but if you choose to, here is my link :
    Blessings and a happy weekend!
    - Irina

  10. Oh how I love all of the beauty here...
    Thank you, dear Dawne, for coming by today! I do hope you'll get a chance to play along so we can learn even more about you!
    What a blessing that you get to live with your sweet mother...and you have friends who knew Tasha Tudor? Fascinating...
    Childe Hassam, what can I say...I think I may do a post on him. One of the greats of impressionism, in my humble opinion. I'm so glad you are also a fan.
    Big hugs to you,
    - Irina

  11. Dawne! I'm sorry, your comment did not fully show, and I just saw your invitation for Paris!:))
    Someday, dear friend!!! One of my best friends from high school, (I went to France with her twice), is off to Paris with her husband next week...lucky girl. In the meantime I travel vicariously through all of you dear ones!
    Lots of love,
    - Irina

  12. Wow, that penultimate picture is so vibrant and sharp, it almost took my eye out - astounding!

  13. These pictures are wonderful, Dawne. I just had a big move from one area of California to another. It was many hours away, and I am so tired from moving and unpacking boxes, but I wanted to take a break and visit my sweet friend. I would love to go to Ireland. I'm going to send the girls over here to look at these pictures because they want to go there too. The little window with the tea pot is so charming. And the green building looks so old and filled with character. I have always loved Irish people. I was married 31 years ago by a jolly Irish priest. The picture of the cows on the road is my favorite and so beautiful. Happy belated Birthday, sweetie.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

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