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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Aux Dames de France

I'm so proud of my daughter. She did her first Shoot for the Troops today. This is her own idea of how to support those service people who are going to be deployed soon. She and her friend Irene photographed 35 families today, and tomorrow they'll do more than that. Each family will receive an 8X10. She would like to get photographers from all over the country to pick up on this idea.

The photo compo above reminds me of my daughter, a true "dame de france." I photographed the bike and hallway somewhere in the 6eme, I think.  I need to take better notes!


  1. Rose here again...what a MARVELOUS thing for your daughter to be doing...our grandson~in~ law is over in Afghanistan now..and we too did a bunch of images of him and my grandaughther and her brothers together before he left.
    I have sent all the images of him.. to his parents as well.

    GREAT IDEA. Your daughter must have a big heart. TELL HER THANK YOU.


  2. Thanks for all your comments, Rose. Yes, Crickett does have a loving heart! And good for you for taking the pictures! God bless your Grand-son-in-law. In this house we pray for the troops every day.


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