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Saturday, December 26, 2009

November's Golden Glow


  1. First of all I need to tell you I love your name Dawne...we had a daughter named Dawn and have a grandaughter named Dawn.
    But most of all I am STUNNED by the beauty of your work. Found you in Somerset Magazine I believe it was... when I was in Barnes & Noble glad I wrote your blog addy down.
    I have joined as a follower...I have a blog too..but am somewhat embarrassed to show you my work in comparison.
    I have PhotoShop Elements...and would so love to learn now to do the kind of work you do with my images.
    I love making photographic Still Lifes..and so covet this "olde world" look you your images.
    Do you have workshops or do tutorials or anything like that ?
    I am now 72 years old and love to play on my computer, I also have Fibromyalgia..and so spend a good bit of time at home just playing with some of my photo's.

    A New Admirer,


  2. P.S. WELL...silly me...I am sorry I FORGOT to say that the Hay Bales & trees and the Cornfield~Moon images are SUPERB.
    I have not even looked at your older posts yet..but am going to do that now.



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