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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

cooling down the "painterly" way

march farm

The heat has been pretty intense this past week, so in my search for something "cool" to "paint", I happened across this image.  Of course, by paint, I mean digital painting, and the new textures I used are just perfect for this.  They are called summer painterly textures from flypapers, and I'm really enjoying using them.  I also added a gesso texture to give it that heavy paint feeling, almost like impasto.

And here is a cool evening from last spring on Neil Adam's "Up and Over Farm".  I'll be posting more of his farm, as it's some of the most beautiful land in the county.

1 comment:

  1. magnificent new pieces ...
    and hard to know which is more beautiful. the first because the painterly texture can actually be felt on my screen! and the second because the romantic mood and the strong contrasting colors are so compelling.
    I'll have a print of each!


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