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Saturday, July 10, 2010

working with a model

I used to work with my husband as a wedding photographer, and I always liked doing the bridal portraits the best. But when my daughter took over our business, I was allowed to "retire" and devote my time to fine art photography.  I still love to photograph women, however, and I recently had the opportunity to shoot one of the loveliest of my former students, Britt.  Having photographed her Senior portrait a few years ago, and some candids of her on a trip to Paris, I knew she was a marvelous model.  Britt is an art student in college now, but I hope this portfolio can help to get her some modeling jobs.

We spent about 2 hours out in the garden and up in the barn, and I didn't go for any conceptual shots, but  just let the shoot flow.  I knew I wanted to accentuate those amazing eyes and lips, so I shot a series of head-on , evenly lit head shots.  The one above is textured with another shot of rose petals, and suggests her sweetness and femininity.  I love the pink tones, but I like it black and white, as well.

I found this headdress in the barn, and had used it in the early '90s and then forgotten it.  It was perfect for creating this Egyptian composition.  I call it "Queen Neferbritti". :~)))

I added the tear on her cheek in Photoshop.

In my vintage '50s hat

Tess of the d'Urbevilles

And this one ended becoming this one...

Lady Brittany

I have a feeling that I'll be editing this shoot for a long time to come!  Isn't she a beauty?  So many ways to present her.  And I hope it brings me some adventurous girls for Senior Portraits!


  1. These are absolutely beautiful portraits of your former student. Lucky Britt! Not only to be your muse but also to have such gorgeous photographs of her during this time in her life.

    Btw, I just spent this evening pouring over your digital images in Somerset Digital Studio. All I can say is WOW! I want to be able to do THAT! Thank you for the inspiration and the kick in the pants to learn more tricks in Photoshop.

  2. Thank you, Susanna, for taking the time to write such a generous comment. I appreciate your desire to learn more about Photoshop, and I can add that I, too, want to learn more tricks. But from the look of your lovely blog, I think you are already a marvelous artist and photographer! And as for Britt, what a doll! I think her mom was happy to have so many portraits of her beautiful girl!


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