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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hydrangea Hill

Snow, sleet, ice, rain, gale force winds.  In like a lion.  Out like a lamb. Or so we pray.
Off to Mama Joan's 97th birthday party today.


  1. Lovely. Hope this very special birthday is a happy one!

  2. sigh.
    lovely hydrangea hill.
    happy 97th Mama Joan!!!!
    xoxo Eden

  3. You do such nice 'bout some 'cyber' classes?

  4. beautiful. peaceful. ethereal. delicate.
    I love your work.
    Wishing you a glorious spring... just around the corner!

  5. Thank you, dear ladies, for these nice comments. My dear old lady had a wonderful time, and so did we all. Jody, thanks for your encouragement. I have thought about cyber classes, but to be honest, I really think I need to be hands-on with students. Quite soon I am going to do a post about running a workshop in France!


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