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Friday, March 11, 2011

Missing Venice

These are both made from the one good image I got of this iconic view in 2005. When I went back in 2009 , it was covered in scaffolding

Santa Maria Della Salute

I've been thinking about Venice this week, as it was the week when we are usually in Venice, the time of Carnevale.  There is no place as exciting and colorful as Piazza San Marco [ Saint Mark's square ] when it is filled with thousands of revelers, many in the outrageous Baroque costumes which are worn by the true celebrants of Carnivale.

This is typical of the kind of costume you see

I took this one on the back side of the island, in an attempt to escape all the tourists [ the "other ones"] around San Marco.  A bit darker than my usual process, but I wanted it to look like an old master's painting.

A Venetian Romance

Some of my friends were actually in this shot, but I cloned them out [! Nothing personal, I assure you!] and added these19th century figures.

This was actually taken in the middle of the day, and it was quite odd that I got this without any people in it.  Carnevale just ended on March 8, but there's always next year...Anyone up for going?


  1. Love the treatments you did, especially the old masters look. Very artful. I've never been to Venice, nor Italy for that matter, but I do love the art from people who have been. Lovely work.


  2. Wow, I'm loving every one of these images of Venice. You've really captured the many moods of one of my favorite cities. I can only imagine how exciting it would be to visit during Carnavale!


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