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Friday, June 10, 2011

It's been a busy week...

Photographing beautiful young friends...

and graduates with their mom...

and editing the wedding of a dear former student from my first year of teaching...

with nieces and children of their own...

...reveling in the outrageous peonies in bloom

        Merci à Leslie Nicole pour ses brushes

...thought of D-Day on June 6, and of the beaches of Normandy, where I'll be next month...

...And I had a ball doing a mini Mixed Media workshop with my friends in our new Art Barn!

I hope Blogger will let me post this.  Hasn't he been so cranky lately?

à plus tard, mes amies!


  1. Woww !! you make beautiful pictures !!..happy weekend

  2. HELLO PRECIOUS ONE! THIS is so STUNNING! What a great way for ME to start my summer vacation with a bang...lovely images, and the freedom now to gather my creative senses. Have a lovely weekend and I SO LOVE THESE PHOTOS!! Anita

  3. Oh dearest, I am so touched, vraiment touchée by your kind words about my post! I want to say things out of the is one of my literary goals to communicate BASIC human passions and concerns, joys and sorrows through a poetical mode, but I have much to learn.THIS SUMMER is when I hope I can spend more time reading poetry and writing it and comments like yours encourage me to do so. MERCI BIEN my friend and my kids were so darling yesterday. I love them all and to see them grow and be cognizant of their growth and their hopes and dreams is a joy. Praise GOD for His gifts in us all! Have a lovely evening..Anita

  4. What beautiful images! And what fun to craft with friends. Delightful!!!

    ~ Violet

  5. Hi Dawn!!! What a great job you have! I love your photos. The first one has a stunning atmosphere - very nice! Thanks for your sweet comment on the wedding photos. Much appreciated!!! Who knows, maybe I'm just discovering a new passion in my life? Happy new week!!!

    Kristin xoxo's

  6. Hello Dawne,
    what a lovely collection of pretty and nearly surreal...what a fun time you and your friends must have had doing the mixed media project...


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