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Saturday, June 25, 2011

A wonderful week, despite the rain...

Tendre Charolais

Summer's in full swing here on the farm, with good times, sad times,[ and only the Lord hears about those] productive times, and some lazing around, just enjoying the fresh green smells of June.

I worked on this digital painting above, using French cows and wonderful textures from Lenabem, Playing with Brushes and the ever generous Jerry Jones, all on Flickr.  It loses something when reduced to 660 pixels.

Good times were had this week as we saw the opening of our talented daughter's first solo show at Southern Vermont Arts Center...

the proud dad checks out his daughter's work...

Congratulations, Crickett!  Dad and I think that you're amazing!!!! And we love that you give God the glory for all your gifts!!!

And last night we finally got to see the best movie of the summer!

Don't miss this one!!!!

I posted the trailer to this several weeks ago and I knew then that this was a must-see.  As a former Art History teacher, I thought of how my  former students will love this, as well. 

 And there's another one I MUST see this summer...

100% Teenage Chick-Flick, But I am SO THERE!!!!

à bientôt, mes copines!


  1. Your photo with the cows is beautiful and congratulations to your daughter! I saw Midnight in Paris twice this week and LOVE it!

  2. Darling Dawne...Oh, there is so much joy here. Your daughter is SO TALENTED and I love that you live on a farm. I love that you LOVE GOD and we are a loving family! teeeheeee....and I keep hearing how FABULOUS this movie is. We have not had a chance to go out with all the work we need to do in our garden due to a TWO-ROOM addition over the winter that left our yard a mess. But dearest, I am so blessed to have met you through what I think was the Paris Link Party! THANK YOU for your kind visits! NINE TIMES? WOW. I pray to God that the desire in my heart to write results in the success of touching lives. I have a long way to go to be the poet I aspire to be, but hard work, perseverance and glory to God can make a big difference in ALL our lives. Have a splendid evening, Anita

  3. Enjoy a beautiful summer darling....i hope we have summer soon in

  4. I just had to come say, HAPPY SUNDAY! Anita

  5. Spectacular! Can't wait to see more!


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