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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's a Slippery Slope...

It's a slippery slope when you first discover Pinterest, like I did this week...


Get your first iPhone, ever...

On the same day!!!!!!

Oh!  The Apps!  

I've just begun to explore them...

around the house...

But the real time-bandit has been Pinterest...

        Oh!  the imagery!
And now I can store all my favorite images and not have to fill up my hard drive. And I get to find out that this chateau, my favorite, and everybody else's, I guess...


 is owned by the Deleuze family in Southern France...

And, found a sweet gite to rent for next year...

...also found a lot of Fairytale things...

...and began to define my style [haha!]

But I'm probably preaching to the choir, as I'm sure you all know about Pinterest and find lots of your gorgeous photos there. Well, as the head of our family, our dear Father's Day hero says, "Honey, you've always been a late bloomer."

Have to go water the potager now...


à plus tard, mes amies!


  1. Beautiful....i like

  2. HELLO DEAREST! I have you on my blog roll but did not see this new post pop up! OH DEAR, THAT CHATEAU..that is my style, THAT IS MY STYLE!

    Thank you precious for coming over with such a nice comment. Pinterest is addictive, isn't it? I have so many fabulous pictures to use them there and tumblr. Enjoy your day my dear and than you so much for coming by. Anita

  3. Hi Dawne, I have been a fan of your art since I discovered you in a Sommerset magazine last year (at least I think it was last year!)'re a magician with the digital montage!

    I love Pinerest too and have requested an invite several times but haven't heard anything back from there a trick to this?? Did it take you awhile to get on board?

    And yes, the phone apps are VERY addictive, but fun!

  4. Hi Kate,
    Thanks for your very sweet words! Yes! It did take a long time for them to send an invite! I had actually forgotten all about it by the time it came. So don't give up! [I'm not thrilled with the link to Facebook...are you?]

  5. i joined but don't get it i guess. i kind of like to keep my images myself? i need to play with it i guess.

    look for a husband, not a mirror! then, the husband will pay for the mirror next time.

    cote de texas

  6. So many beautiful images!!! I love that chair with the summer flowers on the table and the green windows! Would love to spend my afternoon there :) Thank you so much for your sweet comment! It brightens my day!!! Happy weekend!

    Kristin xo's

  7. I know, just found it myself and got lost for hours and hours of eye candy


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