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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Back From France...

...Well, my body's back, if not my spirit.  I just keep looking around for a baguette. 

mont- saint-michel

This is the only image I've really worked on since I've been home, but it looked so "storybook" that I knew exactly how it would look after I edited it.  And indeed, it was a magical place, as was every single place we visited.

For once Paris took a back seat to quaint

medieval villages, a vast patchwork of wheat

and corn fields, and the romance of Mont-Saint-

Michel. I have many posts in my head, and I

will tell you all about the wonderful trip that

I took with my two favorite men, the Polis

brothers. But, I just can't wait to share this,

the highlight of our trip, the pièce de résistance,... our stay at 

the allée

My heart was racing as we approached through the allée of plane trees. Had I built this up too much in my mind? Would this be as wonderful as I had imagined it?

the approach

And as soon as I saw those silver balls,I said "Uh huh. oh yeah." And I knew it would be.

the front of the Chateau 

If ever a chateau could be called "storybook", then this is the one. Just look at those proportions!  I had dreamed of this petit chateau ever before I saw it, and when I laid eyes on it, it was a true coup de foudre.

the view from our chambre window

The chateau belongs to Bruno Dujardin, and he and his partner bought the estate in 2000.  At the time, Bruno was living in Paris and was the still life photographer for L'Oreal cosmetics. Every weekend for 8 years he came down to the chateau to renovate and restore what was then an empty shell of a building. Three years ago he left his career and Paris, and moved down to run the Chateau full time as a bed and breakfast. Bruno is quick to say that he is a photographer, not a decorator, but it is apparent that he is an artist in both professions.  Every room has been uniquely painted and stenciled by his hand, and every piece of furniture is an antique purchased at local brocantes, antique stores and monthly flea markets in a nearby town.  His photographer's eye serves him well in the mise en scene that he creates in each room. Balance, harmony, coupled with whimsey and luxury, all combine to reflect the impeccable taste of a host who offers only the best to his guests. 

This is what greets you as you enter the reception hall.

Is it coincidence that Bruno and I both have  a goose in our foyer? [Okay. So mine is a plastic light-up goose and it's in our mudroom. And she isn't sporting a diamond choker. But we're both thinking fois gras bienvenue:))] 

Right off this room, in the lower part of a turret, is Bruno's office.  I'll risk a bit of humiliation and show you the little iPhone video I made of it. [ You might want to take some dramamine before you watch this.]

Tomorrow I'll try to post the photos of our bedrooms, où nous avons eu de beaux rêves!

Au revoir, mes amies,


  1. Hi Dawne! The photos are gorgeous and what a fabulous place to stay! I love the silver balls and the diamond choker. Can't wait to see more. Your image is the grays and muted tones on the rooftops!

  2. Dearest Dawn, I have missed you and when I saw your comment, my heart leaped and I gasped. THEN I COME HERE....OMG.

    That first image dearest....what did you do to it? How did you enhance it? DO TELL! I LOVE IT!

    THEN THE CHÂTEAU...yes. This is my house...teeeeheeeee....well, at least the GRAY visions! IT IS SPLENDID! Now you see...I too, when I get back from France I always am on the lookout for a good baguette, I DO NOT want to drive to work, I want to walk, and I want to revel in the quiet beauty of such majesty! DID YOU HAVE A GREAT TIME? Oh, what a crazy question.....c'est bête!!!

    WOOOOOO HOOOOO am I glad you are back, but you have much to show us and I am right here, waiting to take it all in. I love each photo.


  3. You did a fantastic job of capturing that beautiful chateau! Wow...VERY storybook!

  4. What a great pictures darling....and...welcome

  5. Hi Dawne !
    I am so happy you enjoyed your time in France : I was really afraid that the bad weather turn your trip into a disaster... this place looks gorgeous and the duck a very nice chap !!
    Waiting now for the follow up with great impatience !
    Big hugs

  6. Swoon! (Hand to forehead, feeling absolutely head over heals, enchanted with this beautiful place.)

    And your picture of the rooftops of Mt. St. Michel is surely a double swoon.

  7. OH MY DARLING SO PRICELESS you really know how to take someone to a dream! I can feel it in the pictures and I all I can say feel or think is BEG you to take me with!oxoxoxoxo

  8. Oooh, how beautiful!!! I have no words for how beautiful and magic your photos look. I just know that there is so much more to learn...and that's exciting!



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