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Friday, August 5, 2011

Back From France...Part 2: Les Chambres

Night in the Marais [in Paris, naturellment! ]

Yes, we did get to Paris...eventually.  But that story comes later.  Today I want to show you our bedrooms at the Chateau.

We chose to stay in the Parma, mainly because it was in my favorite colors, lilac and lavender...

look at those dear lamps, that sweet bust...

the parrot sconces were special...

...our bath was pure luxe,

 and I almost drowned in the tub [ too short to reach the other end to brace myself!]

There's another chandelier [sconce] on the back wall. 3 in one bathroom! The silk pouf curtains made me want to play Scarlett, and rip them down and wear them to dinner...

But my favorite part was the tiny "chapel" that separated the bedroom from the salle de bain. I'm stunned that I didn't photograph the 

prie-dieu, with the antique Bible open to 1 Kings, but it looked a bit like this

You can just see the cross peeking up at the bottom of the image. [At the back, behind the gorgeous silk curtain is the cooler/bar. A chapel and a bar! whoa!] I did a video of this and posted it on my Facebook page, and at the time I couldn't remember what the Globes de mariée, "reliquaire d'amour" were called. I did

remember seeing, a year or so ago,[and becoming smitten with], a wonderful set of photographs
of these wedding bouquets on Flickr, 
photographed by Jean Boccacino, which you can 
see here.

Also the lovely blog Fete et Fleur has a post on the Globe de Mariage here.

Now, what I found interesting is that Jean photographed them at a market in Angers, and that city is but a hop and skip from the chateau.  I wonder if Bruno bought his in the same place?  As a member of a family of wedding photographers, if I could collect anything, it would be these!![ I do have a collection of vintage wedding cake toppers, but they pale in comparison.]

So, I had the lilac room, the chapel, the globes de l'amour, AND, while I was bathing for dinner, the FM station played one solid hour of "Amazing Grace", as performed by a variety of artists!  Was I blessed, or what!!! Merci, Dieu!

Our brother Bob stayed in the Blue Room

with the spectacular bathroom in the turret...

Here's another little "jerky" iPhone video of the room and bath.

Coming Soon:  The rest of the rooms!

Adieu, mes amies,


  1. Oh my.... GORGEOUS!!!!

    And those candelabra's in the video, so pretty!!!!

    Amazing rooms and decor!

    ~ Violet

  2. This is amazing !!!, it all.......the next time i will go with you......hahahahah!!

  3. Precious Dawne,

    I am so touched, so blessed to know you as well. I was thrilled when I saw that you came home because I too feel a closeness to you. I have to say that your experience is TRULY EXPRESSED HERE in a beautiful and unique way. Whatever it is that you do to your photos to give them that aged and almost ILLUSTRATION look to them is stunning. AND THAT elegant, and not a single sign (other than maybe the bar!!) of modernity. OH !!!! AND NANCY from Fête et Fleur is Ruben's SISTER!!!! She got me started on blogging 2.5 years ago! I also have a lovely one sitting in front of my marble fireplace. WOW...what a feast. Thank you for inviting us in, and I see that my darling friends Violet and Ria have been here too to savor the luxe. THAT TUB IS FABULOUS!!!


  4. Merci pour le link!
    votre blog est très beau et rend hommage à la France avec beaucoup de talent!

  5. All so incredibly beautiful...over the top in glory...

  6. Hello,
    I left a comment on your other blog, French at Heart. Beautiful weekend to you,
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  7. Welcome back my friend! Lovely photos...I would love to be in that place, taking a bath in that bath tub, sleeping in the bed( I liked the last one the best)O, what a dream!!!
    I'm so glad you are sharing your photos with us. MORE PLEASE!! Much love, Rayanne

  8. Hi Dawne, this is breathtaking and sooo beautiful! I loved every photo and to read every word! Can't wait for more of this! And that lavender and lilac...stunning! Wishing you more lovely days of summer!

    Love, Kristin

  9. Absolutely gorgeous photographs, the bathrooms images are stunning!
    Love the turreted house:)

  10. Hello Dawne,
    Thank you for visiting Red Rose Alley. Yes, I would love it if Quiddity 2 would follow us - and I would certainly come back and follow you as well. I think your blog is so lovely, and the girls will enjoy browsing through it, as they love everything about Paris. Take care, and I hope you are having a lovely day.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley


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