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Thursday, October 13, 2011

October Valentine

e v e r a f t e r  f a r m

It's here. Peak Foliage.  Today.  Everafter Farm is ablaze with color.

O n e  T r e e 

We always know the foliage is at its peak when the One Tree on the brow of the hill on the neighboring farm turns
bright orange

We call it Al's Tree

The story goes like this
On the ridge behind our farm there used to stand a hedgerow of old trees. The landowner wanted to extend his fields, so he asked a neighboring farmer if he would cut down the row. The farmer, being of an artistic and sentimental nature, asked the landowner if he might spare just one tree. The landowner, himself a kindly soul, consented. Now that One Tree stands as a sentinel over our farm, and, in autumn, a beacon of flaming orange for us as we come down our lane. Rare is the day that we don’t cry “there’s our tree”, as we return from away, and feel a little jolt of gratitude for that wise farmer.

Dean Polis

my husband's digtally painted version


Our country lane

Add to the vibrant colors, the 
80 degree temperatures
and you've got what I'd call, 
a pretty perfect fall.

Happy October Valentine's Day!


  1. Dawne!! Everafter Farm is a beautiful serene lovely inviting place! How you must love it there! The Fall colors are so pretty! I just found your other blog and the photos are absolutely stunning!

  2. Absolutely beautiful foliage and wonderful pictures as well. Bravo!

  3. What a great autumn pictures Dawne !! live in the perfect place !!

  4. That is a LOVELY story...and oh how beautiful! Wish I were there!!!
    Much love to you today!

  5. Ohhh, your artistic eye is sublime. I love the "God Sky" in the second shot.
    Warm wishes on a crisp October day.

  6. You live in a fairy tale world of BEAUTY!!!!!

    Oh my goodness, it is so beautiful there! Of course your photos enhance it all.

    Thanks for the beauty Dawne!

    ~ Violet

  7. Dearest one,

    I have been having major EMAIL PROBLEMS and last night, BLOG PROBLEMS! But here I am, with YOU, with Violet who is a dear sister, and your home. WOW. You live in a magical land. I wish I could meet you my dear, and stroll on your farm..what bliss. Thank you for this incredible tour!!!!!!!!!!! Anita

  8. DAWNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh dearest, MY EMAIL IS DEAD! I am going to have to go on to gmail or hotmail...but I spent Thursday evening speaking to the Help Desk at the university from where my email account is set up, TO NO AVAIL. I have to wait for them to get back to me for I spent two hours with a specialist and he was unable to help me. So if you sent me a message, I can't get in to look for it, and chances are that it will not appear. This has been a wickedly wild week at school and I came home so exhausted last night that I was unable to post anything new. I will work on a new post this morning and hopefully crank out something descent! THANK YOU FOR COMING TO LOOK FOR ME! YOu are a great friend my dear!!!!!!!!!!!!! BISOUS, Anita

  9. Wow! Al's tree is simply gorgeous! And what beautiful nature you are surrounded with. It is just breathtaking!!!(as well as your photos) I hope you have a lovely Sunday!

    xo's Kristin

  10. Dawne, your farm and surrounds are absolutly gorgeous, the Autumn trees are stunning.
    What a beautiful home you have:)
    Wendy x

  11. how lucky you are to have your very own tree keeping watch over you...perhaps that is what's lacking in the lives of so many...amazing how nature not only lifts our spirits but grounds and centers us as well...

  12. This is Paradise !!!


  13. Thank you, Violet [ "Create Beauty"]. Am wondering if you got the pic of the chandelier??

  14. How beautiful! Gorgeous photos too! What a special place.... with a lovely story to go with the view!

  15. Dawne,
    Your Fall photos are incredible, and I really liked the story behind it. The country lane is so charming, and filled with a sense of peace. I would so enjoy strolling down it. I LOOOOOVE THE STOP WAR SIGN!! Your post today really made my heart sing. Thank you.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley


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