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Monday, October 31, 2011

These three girls...

...were sitting out in front of my gazebo tonight...

[I don't do witches, but I DO do weird...]

I was so honored today to be the recipient of Irina's Blog Award  

[The award was actually for French at Heart, my strictly Photo blog.]

Click on the link to visit her wonderful blog, and then follow the links to see her other two.  They are all beautiful and inspiring.  And also please visit the other 4  lovely blogs! 

Thank you, Irina!!!

And when I get back from France I will play the game, tell you 5 things about myself, and choose 5 other blogs to give this award to. And I will dedicate a blog to Palomasea [Irina]:) 

Also, tonight, this photo was featured on RedBubble's Front Page
[ one of the young girls from my church]

n e v e r m o r e

So, there was more excitement around here today than just packing! I know I owe some blog stops, and I will try to do that from my iPhone in Paris! [ That should be interesting!! :O ]  

Have a fun night, and I'll see you when I return!



  1. Congratulations on your award, well deserved. Irina is a wonderful person!
    Have a great trip :-)

  2. OH THIS IS A GREAT POST MY DEAR! ANd Irina is the most wonderful and beautiful friend; she happens to live near me and if you met her, you would believe EVEN MORE that angels exist among us. WHAT A FABULOUS PHOTO....I need to get PHOTOSHOP one day...or whatever it is that you use!!! AND THANK YOU for your compliments and comments my dear...Oh, I will "see" you when you get back! GROSSES BISES! Anita

  3. Have a wonderful trip! Oh the photos you will get, once again...!!!

    Your images are amazing.

    Blessings and Beauty to you,

  4. Good Morning Dawne!
    I giggled when I saw that we were writing at the same time :)
    I am so excited for your trip to La Belle France..
    Again, I apologize I didn't include this blog, but somehow it was not on my is now!
    Oh, your words are so kind, and there are the beautiful Dianne and Anita, what amazing women.
    Thank you again for your kindness, and have a FABULOUS time!

    - Irina

  5. Go go go !!! up to

  6. Oooooh, you're going to Paris!! Have the most wonderful trip!!!

    Kristin xo

  7. Oh My! Anita was right!!
    Oh so LOVELY and GLORIOUS ars these images!!
    So nice to meet you! I shall follow you and visit often!
    Many Many Blessings, Linnie

  8. Hi, i discovered your wonderful blog over Anitas - would love to come to Paris with you! Am your new follower! Have a wonderful trip!

  9. Good morning gorgeous! Are you having a crossaint? Are you watching les gens sur la rue? Oh, whatever you are doing at this moment, you are capturing our beloved magique cité with all the wonder of your talents. BRAVO! Anita

  10. HEY THERE! I want everyone to see how fabulous you are! Anita

  11. Hi Dawn! I'm taking a little blog break right now! I'll be back 10th of December to enjoy the magic of December with you! I'm so glad I found your blog!

    Kristin xx


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