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Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Thrill is Gone...

...b u t  t h e  a p p l e s  r e m a i n.  

This is my friend Val's front yard. I go there for a women's Bible study every Monday, and it's like getting a little taste of Heaven...Her husband built the sweetest house for them right in the middle of an antique apple orchard...

The great crescendo of fall foliage is over.  Many of the brilliant leaves have fallen, and a lot of the trees are bare.  

But the late October season has its own kind of beauty.

A l' s  c o r n f i e l d

t h e  r o a d  t o  e v e r a f t e r

 I love walking in this type of weather, with the fallen leaves swirling around my ankles, and the smell of woodsmoke in the air.  Yesterday I took my iPhone with me and took some shots...

 Up at the end of our meadow, processed with the app Picture Show.  
I am still in awe of all the photo apps available, and how I can take a snapshot, and process it like I would in Photoshop, but right in the palm of my hand as I'm walking!

a bare tree in the pasture...

...processed with Picture Show

sun setting over on the ridge

and this one is processed with lemeLeme
[Anita and Violet, this is how I email them to you!]

But after a long brisk walk at sunset, nothing feels quite as good as coming home to our own cozy farmhouse, where I know that, inside, the fire is crackling and the wine is being poured!

Bisous, mes amies,



  1. You give me such a wonderful autumn feeling! I love your cozy farmhouse entrance. Lovely!!! And that antique apple just a dream! And the way you edit that photo is perfect! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Love, Kristin

  2. All your images and your processing are outstanding. You live in a beautiful country type setting. This is an awesome time of year, isn't it?

  3. beautiful work. my my! i am interested in your software programs. what is the product name "app" and is it available for pc's? very cool what you are doing with these shots!
    nikonsniper steve

  4. This post is like a dream for beautiful !!...i will pray for you darling what a grief.....wishing you streingth and love and blessings ...and more and are such a good friend to me you with whole my

  5. Hi Dawne, You live in a beautiful serene place!! I would love walking along those roads as well and what you have done with the photos. Very very lovely! I like the lights right inside your door! Have a wonderful weekend! It is still warm here in Arizona and our air conditioner has been on and off all day! I wish it would get COLD!

  6. My dear, dear friend,

    THIS IS A MAGNIFICENT DISPLAY of your world! And these photos are the kind that circulate Pinterest and other places where the rest of us just DREAM and take, with impunity! teehee......BUT YOUR WORK IS MARVELOUS AND I AM HERE ENJOYING EVERY MOMENT...have a GOD -FILLED DAY! Anita

  7. Your home and surroundings seem so tranquil and beautiful, living in the center of a big city I truly enjoy the sense of peace and gentleness you bring through your wonderful photographs.

  8. Ohhhhh, deep joy! Your wonderful artistic and talented eye takes me to a middle earth. Your photos are breathtaking - I love visiting with you!
    Much Love

  9. your photos are BEAUTIFUL!! A true work of art. I've missed you, blog world goes by so fast, it's hard keeping up, but you dear friend are a happy blog place.

  10. what a lovely walk you have taken us on..and I too look forward to coming home to a fire and some warmth...
    fabulous images as always..

  11. Oh my, Dawne! What beautiful images. And I must say your house looks AMAZING!!! So warm and welcoming. Those lights are awesome...oh, and the tree photos! I am so into anything trees and birds these days. They signify such LIFE!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog recently. To answer your question - Yes, I do use Photoshop to put the number and week on Maximus' photos. And that's a great idea to make a little book of all of the pics...I want to do something, but not sure what when I get to 52 weeks. Maybe I'll keep taking his picture in a onsie until he's 40 years old. hahahaha...

    Have a wonderful day!

  12. Dawne, you are such an amazing ARTIST, and I love how you see your world and can capture it ... with your camera and with your phone, absolutely gorgeous!

    Glory to God!!!

    ~ Violet

  13. I went to your red bubble site and I saw your photos there awhile back and I was wondering if you were going to put the photo of the pickup truck and the Stop War sign up? I would like that photo.

  14. Hi Dawne & Happy Friday to you! I hope you have a lovely weekend, relaxing, or creating some lovely art in your gorgeous home!


  15. Hello is so nice to meet you. Your blog and photography are beautiful.
    I look forward to following along and seeing more.
    Take care, Laura :)


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