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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bayeux and Beyond...

g o o s e  g i r l   i n   b r i t t a n y 

As I'm getting packed to leave for Paris, I realize that I never finished showing you the rest of the trip we took this summer through Normandy, Brittany and the Loire.  This is a trip that I would recommend to anyone, as it was easy, affordable, and sooooo beautiful.  Have any of you ever done this trip?  I know a few of my friends who read this blog actually live there!!  You know how envious I am of you, don't you? :) My trip to Paris next week is a little Photo Workshop, but I really want to lead one through this part of the French countryside next summer!  Stay tuned!

The opening photo is a fantasy, of course, and parts of the composite were shot in France.  But little goose girls are hard to come by, so I used a painting of a Breton girl by the Victorian painter George Clausen.

Anyway, , here are a few shots from the beautiful medieval town of Bayeux, home of the Bayeux Tapestry, where I met these charming children on holiday from the UK. I wish I were their teacher!!

[I can't help it.  I gravitate to kids.  This is how I used to photograph my own students when I took them on EuroTrips.  Sniffle.  I miss it.]

Bayeux had lots of sweet boutiques, with many devoted to needlework

This one was my favorite. Ooo, the dentelles!..

inside the shop.

I bought my one frivolous item on the trip here from this adorable shopkeeper: very jazzy French leggings.  I really wanted her dress!

Never, ever, ever stay at this hotel: La Maupassant.  Even though it is extremely cheap and you feel very virtuous for being so frugal,[ because you are going to spend the farm on a chateau the next night] and they promise you a bathroom and shower in your room, don't believe it.  You will lie awake ALL night long, staring at the sink 

and taking pictures of your feet with your iPhone, 

and hang out the window taking pictures of the building across the street,

 afraid to go down the hall to la toilette,

and at the first hint of light you'll creep out of bed, so as not to wake the sleeping giant next to you, and tip-toe downstairs to go out photographing those...

  Blue Buildings at dawn.

But, in truth, it really wasn't so bad.


Off to Dinan,in Brittany, where things were decidedly Old World.  What a charming city!


Isn't it straight out of a fairytale?

And speaking of fairytales, have you visited 
le Château de Chenonceau? I think it's the prettiest of the big chateaux, 

and I'm smitten with the kitchen, downstairs, under the main floor

this is where the scullery maids peeled vegetables and threw the peelings out into the river

I love this little scene

isn't this a homey centerpiece for a kitchen table?

 this is a bit out of focus, but I had to show you massive fireplace where they cooked

and baked bread


These were some pottery jars that I thought looked so beautiful

If I could BE any piece of furniture, I would be this.  In fact, I look quite like this...

There are beautiful flower arrangements all over the chateau

and all of the flowers are grown in the chateau greenhouses and gardens

I had to play with this photo that my husband took of one of the gardener's cottages...

and turn it into a bit of a fairytale

the gardener's cottage


!!!!Late Breaking News!!!!!

Sweet Ria, from the lovely blog

It's Me

is doing the most delightful 

Wouldn't you just love to own this book?  Ahhh.  That Scandinavian Style that we all love so much...
Just Click on "It's Me" and leave a comment and find out how you might become the winner!!


So, mes amies, we're off to beautiful France again on Tuesday!  Wish you were all coming along with us!!!!! Maybe on our workshop in April, hmmm????
See you in two weeks, Lord willing,


  1. TALK ABOUT FAIRY TALE....DAWNE, you have the touch, YOU make everything so MUCH BETTER! France is already a fairy tale but you just make it a DREAM!!!!!!!! I have GOT to come back here later....I am running off to get ready for work.....SO LOVELY!!!! Anita

  2. Again ??? to France ???...o mu you must be a lucky girl !! are the flowers real ??? in the chateau ??.....wowwww they are beautiful........have a nice trip...before you leave come and visit my give away are more than from

  3. Oh I just had to come by before I went to work.....HAVE A GREAT TIME DAWNE! Anita

  4. Thankyou darling !! have a great time in France.....maybe once we meet in Paris !!...we sell the book and the magazines...and all the Jeanne D'Arc stuff in our shop...and we ship worldwide please come and visit bisous !! blessings for a save trip !!

  5. Oh My!! What beautiful photos and fairytale photos! You have visited some wonderful places and your post makes me feel like I am there in person! Have a wonderful trip to Paris! BTW: Are you going to model the leggings?

  6. Such beautiful photographs, wish you every blessing for a fabulous visit to France and look forward to seeing it all through your wonderful photography!!
    Wendy x

  7. Oh Dawne,

    Bon Voyage!!! I am so sorry, I do not know why I haven't been following THIS blog as well, it is a treasure!!
    That all changes right now:)
    How exquisite these images...
    This area of France holds a special place in my heart. I saw the Bayeux Tapestry back in 1990..I was one of those "kids"! hee..
    And I adore Chenonceau, it is so very beautiful. I cannot wait to see the images and memories you bring back this time. Have a splendid trip!!

    - Irina

  8. Love, love, love the Gardener's Cottage. Beautiful photoblog. Looking forward to pics from your trip.

  9. Dawne,
    The picture of the children made my heart sing! I used to work as a Teacher's Aide in the school District, and I worked with kids from all ages. Children are so special. Your pictures of France were beautiful, and when my daughters went there a couple of years ago, they loved everything about it. They said it really changed their life. You make it look so enchanting. I love the kitchen. I had my kids very young, and I never got the chance to travel, so I really enjoyed viewing your photos...they make it seem like I am already there.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  10. Beautiful place, and the flowers add so much to it!


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